Well-designed and executed environments are an integral part of a vibrant human experience, but the essence of extraordinary places is far more than physical. It’s a tapestry of history, culture and stories, woven into a personal journey through time, space and memory.


The Velocity Group can take you through an intentional journey of discovering your unique DNA of Place™. Through experience architecture, we can help you attract people, retain talent, produce revenue, generate champions and celebrate the human spirit.

The Essence of Place

View a live feed of stories that capture the essence of place or join our placemakers network.




Bringing Life to the Streets

Through place activation and merchandising plans, we reposition community and project assets, identify service gaps, and develop exciting new business and tenant recruitment strategies.

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Revitalizing Downtown

Helping define the context through our unique Theater of Cool™ planning methodology, we take a block, street and building approach to breathe new life into communities.


Engaging Storytellers

We gather community stories into a cohesive brand and develop the platforms necessary to engage customers and generate champions for your initiative or project.

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Beyond the Expected

We cultivate and support organizations and individuals who are executing the big visions through strategic planning and governance guidance. We also offer trainings and workshops on a wide variety of subjects.

Staging Impactful Experiences


The Theater of Cool™ fuses the tangible hardware of place with the intangible software of the human experience. It’s the difference between simply building structures and cultivating a transformative environment that generates buzz and ultimately drives higher values.

Using theater as a metaphor for the planning and launching of great places, the Velocity Group helps:

Designing the Stage

Outlining project context, identifying key experience anchors and development principles that reinforce the unique story of place.

Building the Set

Identifying needed infrastructure improvements, aligning style and tone of the built environment and defining mood and atmosphere.

Placing the Props

Strategically arranging business clusters, public art, street furniture, wayfinding, etc., in order to compel people (actors) to explore.

Engaging the Actors

Providing a diverse range of choices that intrigues, captures and creates a hunger for more.
“I believe that in a great city, or even in a small city or a village, great theater is the outward and visible sign of an inward and probable culture.” – Laurence Olivier

Sharing Engaging Stories


Millions of people are sharing their experiences every second and their voices are quickly becoming the lens in which we interpret the world. Great stories cultivate deeper human connections and call people to action. They help drive customer value for products, services and places.

Our Story Swell™ platform engages community members, customers and investors, and turns them into advocates. We also offer video production services, web design, social media expertise, public relations and marketing support to expand your impact.

Cultivate Storytellers

empower people who care about a specific place or experience

Share Stories

gather and generate stories that are impactful and meaningful

Capture Stories

build platforms that encourage and allow people to share their experiences

Generate Champions

create a consistent and loyal audience who keep the experience alive

Story Swell in Action

Live Feed

“Come then, and let us pass a leisure hour in storytelling, and our story shall be the education of our heroes.” – Plato

Our Cast

Daniel Hintz

Daniel Hintz

Founder and Chief Experience Architect

Transforms relationships between people, places and ideas. Also into #foodiecall

Aron Shelton

Aron Shelton

Story Engineer

A catalyst for hyper-local impact. I use digital placemaking strategies to transform local communities.

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